Compliance with global standards is an essential part of a majority of our clients’ operations.

We have vast experience in this area and a deep understanding that our clients’ expertise and requirements can vary significantly.

Our expert teams offer three FATCA/CRS packages that provide solutions for our clients in the current regulatory climate. These are designed to be offered from our Cayman Island office and each package can be highly tailored to suit each client's requirements. 

These include:

  • FATCA and CRS Basic – this provides the perfect solution for clients with the necessary FATCA and CRS knowledge, but perhaps without a Cayman Islands base
  • FATCA and CRS Light – this builds upon the Basic package with the inclusion of XML schema conversion, the reporting format for the AEOI portal
  • FATCA and CRS Reporting Officer – a dedicated Reporting Officer oversees all of the individual reporting requirements
James Maitland profile photograph

James Maitland

Head of Americas & Caribbean

Cayman Islands

Richard Gordon profile photograph

Richard Gordon

Managing Director

Cayman Islands

Andre Slabbert profile photograph

Andre Slabbert

Client Director

Cayman Islands

Nic Swartz profile photograph

Nic Swartz

Client Director

Cayman Islands