collateralised loan obligations ("CLO") & structured finance

Estera provides a full suite of administration and fiduciary services to an impressive range of CLO and structured finance industry participants, including underwriters, banks, sponsors and asset managers.

We have been active in this space since 2012 and have specific experience in CLO, CRE, PACE, securitisation, repackaging and asset finance. We are well known and respected by industry and our peers, with clients choosing us for our precision and technical expertise as well as our approachability and responsiveness. 

Our Cayman-based CLO team represents a significant share of the US CLO market. We have worked with all of the major CLO managers and have substantial knowledge of all warehouse and issuance structures in the market and their refinancing and resetting.

We apply our extensive experience in providing services to European structures serviced from our Guernsey office.

James Maitland profile photograph

James Maitland

Head of Americas & Caribbean

Cayman Islands

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Richard Gordon

Managing Director

Cayman Islands

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Andre Slabbert

Client Director

Cayman Islands

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Nic Swartz

Client Director

Cayman Islands