Have you considered listing your captive on the Bermuda Stock Exchange?

Estera is the leading BSX listing sponsor and we can help!


“We chose to incorporate our companies in Bermuda because of its reputation as a world class insurance and reinsurance market and its reputation for transparency.

We believe that listing on the BSX was a natural next step because of the BSX’s international reputation as one of the world’s fastest growing offshore stock exchanges.


We were very pleased with the listing process, which demonstrated to us why the BSX has been so successful, with a good balance between strong regulatory oversight and a pragmatic approach to issuers. Estera and Appleby provided excellent guidance every step of the way.”

Tom Sandell, the chairman and C.E.O of Sandell Holdings Ltd, Royal Gazette, October 21, 2016, following the listing of Sandell Holdings Ltd on the BSX.

Advantages of Listing your Captive on the BSX:

  • Low cost, low maintenance listing on a world recognized Stock exchange
  • No need to alter capital structure / control
  • Simplified process, utilizing proven expertise of Estera
  • Deepens your captive’s commercial ties to Bermuda
  • Demonstrates your captive’s ability to meet higher standard of corporate governance
  • The BSX is regulated by the BMA which also regulates captives in Bermuda



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