Choosing the right listing sponsor

Listing sponsors (or 'agents' as they are known in the Cayman Islands) play an important role for those wishing to list their securities on the global stock exchanges. The sponsors (or agents) are the experts in relation to the listing and exchange matters, and provide a vital interface between the issuer and the exchange.

The responsibilities of a listing sponsor are not something that should be taken lightly or without adequate and specialised knowledge.

Under the applicable regulations in Bermuda, Guernsey and the Cayman Islands, a listing sponsor has various obligations to assist the stock exchange (each an Exchange) and issuers wishing to list their securities.


We have put together an article, where we describe how you should choose a listing sponsor and the credentials you should look out for. We also review the Bermuda, Cayman Islands and Crown Dependencies listing environments and stock exchanges.

Learn more about choosing the right listing sponsor by viewing the full article here.




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