Accounting services

Our team provides management and accounting solutions to meet the requirements of companies, trusts or insurers registered in each of our jurisdictions.


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31 January 2017

Working with top ILS industry cedants, sponsors, arrangers and managers, Estera has provided a suite of key services on several large ILS transactions that closed between 30 November 2016 and 11 January 2017, including the mammoth US $1,275M Gailiei Re Ltd transaction involving XL Catlin companies. 

15 June 2016

Estera has joined the Isle of Man Maritime Group ahead of its reception during the International Festival of Business (IFB) 2016.

13 June 2016

Ella Pinnock, Gary O’Connor, Les Coates, Rory Farren, Sandra Georgeson and Neil Cain further strengthen the leadership team of the global fiduciary and funds business’ presence in the Island, which includes Technical Director Brian Johnson and Group Director Sean Dowling.